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Have you ever thought that paying politicians better would attract better politicians?
33 minutes ago
Apparently, calling someone you don't like a "narcissist" is the new meme. I've even seen a judge do...
35 minutes ago
McDonalds worker of three years here. Ask me anything you like.
39 minutes ago
43 minutes ago
Who is your most hated person? Write your initials after it.
45 minutes ago
What is the point of a luxury car?
1 hour ago
I asked about women abusing their significant others because while people taking men abusing their w...
1 hour ago
I'm stuck in school. Is suicide the only way out?
1.2 hours ago
Anybody wear Aviators? I love wearing mine cause I feel so nice
1.8 hours ago
It may be hot in this school but I look good in this hoodie and like hell I'm taking this off
1.8 hours ago

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That's not really different from buying a bottle of something from any liquor store anywhere. The al...
My first DS3 character was like that, Nixon. He ended up going no-magic, and using a Refined Cathedr...
Oh my goodness :D she's so cute!!!! *hugs for Daisy*
I really liked Logan when I first watched it; Jess I hated. Of course, by now, I've watched the who...

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