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How is it that I 100% believe in aliens, and the fact that the ocean is so vast that there's definit...
33 minutes ago
I'm lonely want to role play?
1.1 hours ago
W-Wanna be my daddy?
1.4 hours ago
What's your favorite kids movie?
1.6 hours ago
What sentimental items do you hold on to?
1.7 hours ago
How are you an asshole?
1.7 hours ago
Favorite food? Hobby? Likes? Dislikes?
2.9 hours ago
I kid you not, I just met two siblings named Rage and Havoc. What the fuck?
3.1 hours ago
I need frens
3.1 hours ago
who is a fan of rooster teeth
3.3 hours ago

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Hey Catta! Hope you're enjoying this beautiful website so far! How are you liking it? Oh and dibs ...
Granted. You spend all of your college funds on buying a plane but don't have the aviation skills to...

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